VINCETHEBARBER x BRYSON TILLER Late night house call for the bro Bryson Tiller! It was a pleasure meeting you my G…If yall ain’t familiar with this dude right here, be sure to pre-order TRAPSOUL now and support great talent!!! Shoutout my big bro Rich for the plug! #VINCETHEBARBER #ALWAYSONTHEMOVE #NEVERNOTWORKING #BRYSONTILLER #TRAPSOUL


IMG_1961  What motivates you to become a better barber or stylist?  How would you describe your work ethic?  For me, my motivation has always been my family before anything.  Especially now with having a son, he is my number 1 motivation to work harder and harder everyday to be able to give him everything I was never given and what I always wanted.  I live by a few motos that get me on that HUSTLE and GRIND mentality… If you guys follow me on IG you will notice anything barber or work related photos/videos that I post, I always include these hashtags: #ALWAYSONTHEMOVE and #NEVERNOTWORKING.  ALWAYSONTHEMOVE because, i’m always on the road whether i’m onset cutting or at a house or hotel call.  NEVERNOTWORKING because, even on my days off i’m working…it’s either i’m cutting, working on the brand or creating new ideas.  These shirts will be releasing this weekend at the BATTLE of the BLADES on SUNDAY AUG.24th.  They will be available online as of next week! Please support the movement and thank you for the support! – BLESS


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